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Enemies can fire projectiles at an extremely short range, backwards, or through themselves


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    • 1.18.14350
    • 1.17.24827, 1.17.28951
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      Enemies that fire falling projectiles at close targets have various issues. These can include projectiles traveling an extremely short distance, falling incredibly slowly, going backwards, or even phasing through the entity that shot it.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Find a hostile mob that is capable of shooting projectiles that fall downwards. This is easiest to replicate with piglin builders or the devourer.
      2. Stand distantly enough for the mob to want to use a ranged attack, and wait for the attack initiation.
      3. Once the mob is ready to hurl a projectile, move as close as possible to it (along with any other units). This issue can also be reproduced when having at least one target really close to the enemy.
      4. The mob will shoot a projectile in an unexpected way. This may take a few tries.

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