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Grammar misspelling on [How to play]


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      At the "Swapping Mounts" page in How to play (when pressing ESC), there's a misspelt word for "explore" and is instead "expore", in the Horde of the Bastion or the Horde of the Spore, also forgot to do capitalization of Action's dialogue "the piglins won't back down yet..." etc.

      Reproduce Issue:
      Misspelt "expore"
      Press ESC to open up menu

      Go to How to Play button

      Navigate to "Swapping Mounts" section

      Misspelt "expore" word.

      Uncapitalized Dialogue

      Find a Horde of the Bastion or Horde of the Spore base (level 3)

      Start destroying it

      Action might say "piglins never back down. Now they'll fight even harder." with a missing capital letter.

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