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Public versus matches: "Switch Teams" missing / Not in the same team with friends


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      "An update is in the works to allow friends to join the same team before finding other players in PvP matchmaking."
      Source: https://twitter.com/legends_game/status/1648759503607717896

      The option to switch teams is missing from the screen where you invite friends before matchmaking. When inviting friends, you get put into opposite teams.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Choose the Versus mode from the main menu
      2. Select "Host Game", then "Public"
      3. Invite your friend(s)
      4. Try to pick/switch teams.

      Observed Results:
      You are put into opposite teams, so you can't team up. The "Switch teams" option mentioned in the text on the right is missing.

      Expected Results:
      As indicated by the text on the right, you are supposed to be able to pick teams before queuing.

      Screenshots/Videos attached:

      The Switch teams option shows up when hosting private matches:

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