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Copying profile of Account 1 will overwrite Account 1's name to Account's 2 name after logging in with Account 2 (Donor Account gets changed to Recipient Account)


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      If you copy the profile of an account for a second account and login with the second account into that profile-copy, the original account gets changed into an account for the second account.

      What I expected:
      Even if it is a copy of another account, I expected it would not overwrite the profile information of the donor account.

      Proof: See (unlisted, no audio) Video here:

      [Sorry for fidgeting around so lengthy with my mouse/arrow, but I was just recording a new Tutorial Video on how you can add several accounts with different game versions on the same Launcher, when that Issue occurred to my surprise, so I continued in my Tutorial, pointing out not to copy Profiles like that, or it would override the donor account's Minecraft name. This unlisted video is just a sniplet from the whole thing.]

      As you can also see in the Video, It does not happen if you just make a totally new Profile, but it would be nice if one could just copy certain Profiles for several accounts.

      If this is intended behaviour and not a bug, sorry }

      Kind regards,

      PS: @Mojira Mods: I am super-bad in finding already-posted issues of the same type -
      so PLEASE be sympathetic, I know well enough that nearly 60% of reported Issues are DUPLICATES.

      Please no scolding if I didn't find again this Issue here on Mojira, I really try my best to avoid Duplicates, I swear >.<

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