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Running game in a separate process causes massive FPS drop on Intel GPU's


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      Should be 'worked around' in Launcher 1.1.3. If not, please let us know (include what HDXXXX chipset you have! and make sure you drivers are up2date).

      Systems with nVidia or AMD GPU's show no FPS difference between the old and new launcher. However, Intel GPU powered systems drop to 1/3 or even 1/4 the framerate with the new launcher. Since issue previously existed on 3rd party launchers such as MagicLauncher, sp614x (coder of Optifine and MagicLauncher) and I have narrowed the culprit down to the fact that the new launcher uses a separate process to run the game while the previous Minecraft.exe launcher ran the game inside the same process. I have theorized that Intel drivers no longer recognize the game as a 3D application when this happens thus and limits GPU utilization, but it's hard to know for sure without more knowledge about how Intel drivers operate.

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