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Extra Fonts installed in Windows 8.1 stops Launcher running


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    • 1.5.3
    • 1.3.10
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    • Windows 8.1 - 64bit
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      I click on the launcher it should load with text.

      The launcher shows blank/grey without any text inside it.

      I installed new Fonts into my Windows FONT directory. That is all. Nothing else has any issues with the amount of fonts installed only Minecraft sadly. I left the Launcher for 2 hours and still it was grey with no text loading inside the launcher frame. I have to force the launcher to close by using task manager.
      I have reported this a while ago to support and I was told to uninstall the fonts?
      I don't have a virus. I purchased the fonts legally.
      I have installed 10,000 fonts (Ten Thousand).
      Every other program, app, game and software works 100% fine but not my beloved Minecraft.
      I have installed the fonts onto my other PC the same way (in the WINDOWS FONT DIRECTORY) and the exact same thing happens.
      I have a high end PC that get 120 FPS on Battle Field 4 on Ultra settings. I get 400+ fps in Minecraft.
      It's not my PC it's the Launcher.
      I don't have any other changes made.
      STEP 1. INSTALL 10,000 FONTS in the windows font directory.
      STEP 2. LOAD Minecraft Launch.
      STEP 3. Wait
      STEP 4. After waiting as long as you like (over 2 hours for me) Closed the Launcher using Task Manager.
      STEP 5. Report Bug

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