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All textures are blank in older versions of Minecraft


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    • 2.3.462 (Windows), 2.3.522 (Windows), 2.3.585 (Windows), 2.3.592 (New Windows App), 2.4.79 (Win 10/11 App), 2.5.9 (Linux)
    • Windows 11, Updated Java 8, any version before 1.19
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      Moderator Note

      This appears to be caused by a recent update to Nvidia's graphics drivers.

      To fix this issue, please download and install the newest driver at Nvidia.com. For instructions on how to identify and update your graphics, visit aka.ms/mcdriver.

      If you need any help, please contact 💬 Community Support.

      Can't play any version except the new version 1.19.2. Every time I start a game in a old version the texture crashes, is bugged

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