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Not having GNOME keyring running when starting the launcher invalidates the tokens it stores, causing an error



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    • 2.2.11106 (Linux)
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    • Kubuntu 21.10
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      If the launcher during startup does not have access to GNOME keyring (or any other software providing org.freedesktop secret service integration), then the login tokens that it stores become invalid.

      I'm having this issue very frequently. For me this is a frequent issue as I use KDE as desktop environment instead of GNOME. Therefore I use keepassxc instead of GNOME keyring to store the login tokens. Unlike GNOME keyring, this does not start and unlock automatically during desktop log-in, so I have to that manually. Often after I started the launcher and therefore this bug has already been triggered.

      Removing the account and then re-adding it seems to be a functional workaround. However, it would be great if this bug could be fixed.

      Launcher version info:
      Linux 5.13.0-37-generic 2.2.11106
      Friday, February 25, 2022, 1:10:49 AM

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Make sure there's an active account in the launcher:
        1. Make sure that the GNOME keyring, (or whatever other software you are using to provide org.freedesktop Secret Service integration) is running.
        2. Open the launcher.
        3. Log-in.
        4. Close the launcher.
      2. Check that it properly remembers the log-in (optional) as follows:
        1. Open the launcher.
        2. Click your account
        3. This should log successfully and without asking for credentials
        4. Close the launcher
      3. Trigger the "something went wrong" error message as follows:
        1. Terminate the GNOME keyring (this is crucial as this is what triggers this error)
        2. Open the launcher
        3. Start the GNOME keyring
        4. Click on your account
        5. A "something went wrong" error message pops up and nothing else happens.
      4. Workaround to still be able to login:
        1. Delete your account
        2. Then re-add it, which requires you to re-enter your username and password.
        3. Next time login should work automatically again as long as you have the GNOME keyring running before you start the Minecraft launcher.



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