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Minecraft launcher says i'm not online when i try to login & cant connect to servers



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    • 2.2.5519 (Windows)
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    • Minecraft Launcher
    • Windows 7 Ultimate, Build 7601
      Java version: 1.8.0_301
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      I have been getting this problem since yesterday and i am getting really annoyed.
      First i was logged in and it said "Play offline" instead of "Play" or "Start Minecraft", and at the bottom of the screen it said "Failed to connect to the Minecraft servers! Try again", clicked it; nothing happened. If i tried playing offline and connecting to a server it said "Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game)" so i tried logging out and logging back in on the launcher, but then i got this error: https://i.imgur.com/QzrZOXg.png

      I've tried:

      1. Restarting Minecraft
      2. Restarting my computer
      3. Logging out and back in (caused a worse problem)
      4. Deleting the hosts file
      5. Adding it to the home/private firewall thingy
      6. Reinstalling Minecraft

      I have searched for a whole day, and no results worked!
      I have never used MCleaks or Alt Dispensers in my life, so i don't know what i did or what happened! I only use CurseForge and Technic Launcher (not so much anymore)
      The day before it happened i had just downloaded some texture packs.
      Can anybody help me?


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