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      Currently, I have been searching through the Issues on this site, trying to figure out how to fix this, and each one keeps being marked as a dupe, even though the issues happening are different in some regards so here I am making my own;

      Whilst trying to start the Minecraft Launcher I am unable to get past the growing familiar gray screen [image below.]

      In my searching I have found these ways to apparently "fix" this;
      "Press the windows button + R at the same time, then enter in "%appdata%/.minecraft" then press OK. Find "launcher_msa_credentials(.json) and delete it. Open the game again and it should work, although you must log in again."
      and this did not work, nor did I have a .json file with said name, but instead a .bin file with said name.

      Avoma also keeps saying that these reports are dupes, although the one they keep linking is dealing with a popup saying that the thing has been corrupted, whereas I have yet to get that popup.

      I am sorry if there has been another answer posted somewhere else and I have yet to see it but this is just getting annoying at this point.

      I do want to add that it loaded literally last night (even though I was still experiencing this grey screen) and now its not letting me in again.

      It has let me in, but I would expect that this long, LONG loading time is not a normal thing? Is this something to do with my PC? or something of that sort?


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