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Launcher Not Responding



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    • 2.2.1260 (macOS)
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    • Minecraft Launcher
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    • macOS Big Sur 11.1
      MBP 16 in 2019
      2.4 GHz 8 core intel i9
      32 Gb 2667 MHz DDR4 Ram
      Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
      Java 8 Update 281
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      I had installed and launched Minecraft successfully one time. Mid-play my laptop battery died and shut down the computer. The next day I go to open up the game and the launcher does not respond. It does not open at all. I have tried all solutions: Checking for incompatible software (I have none from what is listed), tried alternate launchers, reinstalled the game and restarted the computer many times, used different browsers to download, and have tried finding any of the game files in /Application Support/minecraft but the folder and any other Minecraft folders don't exist so I'm not able to do anything with that. On a friend's computer they also don't have these folders and the game is running fine so that is not the issue. I know there are similar threads but they are for Windows and the solutions listed have not solved this issue for me and others. 


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