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I bought Minecraft, but there's only a demo version.



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      Mojang Studios Note

      This site intended for bugs so we can't really help you out here with account problems. With that said you might be running into this situation because you have a wrong active account. Try these steps:

      1. For players acquiring access to our games via PC Game Pass:
        1. If your subscription has ended, then this is expected behavior. You can view and update your subscription on account.microsoft.com
        2. If you still have an active PC Game Pass subscription, see MCL-19984. Otherwise:
      2. Locate the receipt sent to the email that was used when purchasing the game (Minecraft: Java Edition or Minecraft Dungeons)
      3. Use this email account to sign in to Minecraft Launcher:
        1. For Minecraft Dungeons (Windows 7/8/10), Minecraft: Java Edition (purchased after December 1, 2020) or recently migrated accounts, sign in using your Microsoft Account.
        2. For Minecraft: Java Edition (unmigrated & purchased before December 1, 2020) you sign in using your Mojang Account.
      4. If you have several accounts, you can sign in with all of them in Minecraft Launcher. Click Settings, and Accounts, and there you can add additional accounts
      5. Make sure you have internet connection and are connected to Minecraft Services (you do not see a gray info message at the bottom of Minecraft Launcher saying otherwise)
      6. Make sure you switch to the account that you own the game on (in the top-left corner of the launcher)
        1. After migrating your account make sure you've logged in with your new Microsoft account. To do this log out of the launcher, click 'go back' and select the 'Microsoft Login' button.
      7. You can also sign in on our website to verify that you own the game:
        1. For Minecraft: Java Edition sign in on https://www.minecraft.net/
        2. For Minecraft Dungeons sign in on https://www.minecraftdungeons.net/
      8. Still an issue? Read our help article: Can only play Minecraft demo (Java Edition)
      9. Even so, you still have a problem? Please contact Customer Support and provide proof of your purchase and what account you are using (Microsoft or Mojang, and the email address)

      We are working on a solution for this issue. In the meantime, if you are facing this problem, please try using the previous version of Launcher, available on minecraft.net/download as the Launcher for Win7/8

      I bought je by code to microsoft account.

      If I go into the purchase window, it says I've already purchased it.

      but at launcher, there's only demo.

      nickname is high37806


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