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Error placing skin


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    • ?? error when putting skin
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      Hello! First of all, I would like to say a few things between them: I am BR (Brazilian) and therefore some words / phrases may not make sense and I apologize for that. Another thing is the way that, possibly, a “laugh” comes out in Brazil we laugh with “kkk” or “ksks” and derivations. I know that for an American this is strange, but I ask you to understand and do not forbid me hehe.

      Another thing is that this is my first time here, so I hope you understand if it doesn't go well;
      Well, come on hehe.

      I bought minecraft ... 1/2 months ago and at the beginning (first month) I didn't want to change my skin, because I like little Steve hehe, but for a while (a few weeks later ...) I wanted to change my skin, and when I tried it for the first time, something like this appeared; "It was not possible to save the skin" and I thought it was a bug, two days passed, I tried again and finally came for me to put the .. answers? Security, I made several mistakes and had to change the questions and answers (about 2 times), however, even after trying several times in those two weeks, I can't put my skin on. I wish it were possible to help me. But even if it is not, I am extremely grateful to have read it. Thank you very much, I hope you return
      : D kkkkk

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