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Minecraft Launcher seems to have a memory leak


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    • 2.1.16102
    • Minecraft Launcher
    • Ubuntu Linux 18.04 with 24g system ram
      Launcher installed as Debian package from Mojang site. Launcher options are not set to keep launcher open while games are running nor open output log when games start.
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      When I launch 1.16.1 and play for a while, my system starts having memory issues.  When I check, the launcher, which is still running in the background has started consuming all available memory and often causes my system to thrash if I don't catch it in time and kill the launcher process.

      This is on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and has happened for the two versions of the launcher i have used.  the prior version (updated to make sure it wasn't already fixed) I had been using with 1.15 I believe since it came out.  It did not happen before I started playing on servers running 1.16.

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