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Number in passwords with azerty keaboards under linux are not always recognized


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    • 1.2.1
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    • Xubuntu 11.10
      OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime
      Keaboard : PC générique 105 touches (intl) - Disposition : Français (variante)
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      Depending on the way I enter numbers in the password field, the launcher accepts or refuses my password :
      Shift + touches above the letters (Shift being required since it's an AZERTY, and Caps Locks under Linux capitalizes characters instead of entering numbers) : works fine.
      Num. Locks + pavement : works fine.
      Shift + pavement (no num. locks, of course) : refused.

      It may sound like a very minor issue, but I only found out how it worked by trying everything out of desperation.
      Hope the information was understandable. Thanks for your work

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            Belgarel Adrien Marchand
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