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Minecraft Alpha 1.1.0 Has no audio in the Mineacraft Java 2.1.5964 Launcher



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    • 2.1.5963-2.1.5969 (Stable)
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      This issue was briefly mentioned in a previously solved issue, https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCL-6280,but appears to have crept back into the latest version of the Launcher 2.1.5964 for Minecraft Java Edition.  I attempted to follow the work around suggested by Karen Fauth on 29/Dec/18



      1. Create a new folder called "resources" in the ".minecraft" folder (If it doesn't exist)
      2. Copy ALL of the folders from "assets" into "resources".
      3. Open Minecraft
      4. The sounds work, but there might be no BGM. (It might play.  I only played that version for about 2 minutes.)

      But Minecraft 1.1.0 contains a "resources" folder with no "assets" folder.  I tried a few work around online suggesting I put old audio files in the folder instead, but as stated in the enclosed "READ_ME_I_AM_VERY_IMPORTANT" The files were automatically deleted and replaced with the broken audio that was in the file prior to any changes.  I have since deleted that instance and created a new clean one and the problem persists. 

      I tried to follow "READ_ME_I_AM_VERY_IMPORTANT"'s advice by attempting to install a Minecraft Resource pack to my Minecraft version, with the original audio and texture files inside, but Minecraft Alpha 1.1.0 does not come with Resource Pack Support

      I am able to launch Minecraft 1.14.2  as well as many  other official release versions with their sound files working.  I have not tried any more Minecraft Betas or Minecraft Alphas.

      I'm assuming the issue is similar to the previously mentioned thread, however the work around stated does not work with Minecraft Alpha 1.1.0


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