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When I open my Minecraft launcher, it says "Failed to load URL mojang://launcher/index.html with error ERR_FAILED (-2)."



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      Minecraft never had a problem for the 8 months I've had it until now. I was saying goodbye to my friends and left my computer (with its screen on) in my room. This isn't your problem, but for some reason, my computer restarts if I goes AFK for too long and restarts without warning. When I came back to my restarted computer, I thought "Ugh, another restart. Guess I'll have to relaunch Minecraft." (Minecraft was open when my computer restarted.) So I logged back into my computer and opened Minecraft's launcher. (My computer was still opening my tabs on Google Chrome and was still laggy from all that.) A bar showed up saying "Updating launcher bootstrap," and I thought "Huh, Minecraft 1.14.3 came out. Cool." I waited about five minutes and the bar opened up something that said "Minecraft Launcher was unable to open" or something like that, so I pressed the Okay button and tried again, and again, and with a new message, it said "Failed to load URL mojang://launcher/index.html with error ERR_FAILED (-2)" I then was like "Well crap, I guess I'll need to restart my computer again." So I did, and still happened. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it with failure to come and now I'm here, clueless of how to assert this situation, so I am now handing it off to the programmers. Please fix this issue I need to play this game daily. 




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