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Player can be hit by Levitation Shot while about to enter freezing water, causing the player throw arc to go crazy, killing you from fall damage



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      On floor 3 of the current tower on Apocalypse difficulty, Shulkers can spawn. If they hit the player with their projectiles just before the player falls into the freezing water on this floor, the arc of the player being thrown out of said freezing water goes absolutely crazy, throwing them up out of bounds and causing them to die from fall damage.

      Expected result: Either Levitation takes effect immediately and makes the player float over the freezing water BEFORE they fall into it, or Levitation is cancelled out by the effect of the freezing water.

      Actual Result: Both are applied at the same time, causing (I assume) the maths for the freezing water throwing arc to go crazy and throwing the player way up in the air or out of bounds, causing them to take crazy amounts of fall damage.

      How to reproduce: Go to tower floor 3 on Apocalypse difficulty as of 29th August 2022 and kill as many mobs as you can except one shulker. Then, wait for the shulker to fire a projectile at you, and just before it hits you, walk into the freezing water on this floor. You should be catapulted way above the map and then fall down and die from fall damage.

      Additional notes: This may also happen on Daily Trials or in any level with both freezing water and either Shulkers or mobs with Levitation Shot. A video of this bug happening on the tower is attached.




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