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If two ambush songs are played 2 times in a row it may cause another song not to play


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      After a little research on this, I have come to the conclusion that this bug also affects the entire game and not just the Tower as I mentioned before. This bug does not manifest itself, it must be caused by the player.
      Steps to reproduce the bug:
      1- Start a game in the tower
      2- Defeat all the enemies of the ambush but before defeating the last enemy, position yourself near the exit door so that when you defeat the enemy immediately after you enter through the exit door and complete the floor, with this you will have made the ambush ending song plays on item selection screen
      3- Now immediately after choose anything fast and activate another ambush before the ending song of the ambush ends
      4- Repeat step 2 and 3 on all other floors until any song stops playing.
      At the main levels:
      Note: Here we are going to use a specific level because that is where the bug manifests itself the most.
      1- Go to the level "High Block Halls" and go to the obsidian chest that triggers an ambush
      2- Continue to the end of the level if you have defeated the enemies of the ambush
      3- With the ambush music active, go to the Arch-Illager's throne to activate another ambush but when activating it the music will be cut and the corresponding ambush song will not be played.

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