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Unclear Italian description of the Shock Web enchantment


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      You can see the Italian translation from the screenshot. I saw some Twitch streamers getting confused reading the description and they had to apply the enchantment and try it to understand how it works; reading it, nobody understands how does the enchantment work, so I think this might be a problem that must be fixed, isn't it?
      I think it would be clearer this description: "Le frecce caricate sparate si connettono creando fasci di fulmini che infliggono danni da fulmine ai nemici.".

      • Tier 1: "Fino a un fascio di fulmini"
      • Tier 2: "Fino a due fasci di fulmini"
      • Tier 3: "Fino a tre fasci di fulmini"

      Hope the bot won't delete this ticket another time since it contains not-English words...

            Dade_22_ Davide Cazzulani
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