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Wrong Translation of Japanese (again)


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      Origin Key Current Japanese Suggested Translation Notes
      ItemType/LightningRod 避雷針 雷の杖 The artifact is not the same as the vanilla copper made block, and this problem affects Bedrock Chinese (now fixed) as well. In fact, previously it was correct.
      Please keep the vanilla Minecraft of Lightning Rod as "避雷針", and change the Minecraft Dungeons one as "雷の杖".
      Mission/enderwilds_title ここが果ての世界? ここがジ・エンド?
      or something like (if translators believe that it's a pun)
      The End, as a dimension, should not be translated (should use katakana instead, thus ジ・エンド).
      However the game text contains a lot of puns on "end", thus be careful with it (for example the ItemType/VoidTouchedBlades_Unique1 is now translated as はじまりと終わり, which may be fine since it contains a pun).
      Mission/enderwilds_name 果ての荒れ地 エンドの荒れ地 Same as above.
      Content_DLC6/Decor/Text/DLC6UILabels.csv/travel_to_the_end 果ての世界への旅たち ジ・エンドへの旅たち Same as above.
      MobType/mob_WatcherOfTheEnd 果ての世界のウォッチャー ジ・エンドのウォッチャー Same as above.
      - - Long text that I can assume that they are definitely pointing to the dimension without any pun.



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