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Shulker bullets cannot fly up stairs in Broken Citadel


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      The Bug

      The shulker bullet always be broken on the stairs, it's near impossible to fly upward the stairs, sometimes the bullet did it, it will be broken on the next slabs.
      It make me can't finish the misson.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to the Broken citadel.
      2. Arrive at the stairs that with the shulkers, and there is a door, it need the shulker bullet to open it.
      3. Close to a shulker and wait for it to fire a shulker bullet, attract the shulker bullet upward the stairs.
        -> The bullet won't fly upward and be broken on the stairs.
      4. Try it again and again.
        -> Sometimes the bullet did it.
        -> But it will be broken on the seconds slabs.

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