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Growing enchantment not working on Exploding Crossbow


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      Ok so I've transferred my hero from the switch version to the pc version of dungeons and after a while I noticed the growing enchantment isn't adding the extra damage to my firebolt thrower. I've tried putting it through the blacksmith to see if that would fix it and even testing the different tiers of growing, but it still didn't work. Armors that increase damage as well as the power enchantment work fine, so it's just growing that doesn't function. Checking the merchant I bought an exploding crossbow that had the growing enchantment just to see if it would work, but even that one wasn't receiving the extra damage effects.

      Going back to the switch version, the growing enchantment also doesn't work on my crossbow there either. I don't remember if I noticed this bug before the recent update but I feel like I had. I haven't seen other users post this problem or a similar one so it might just be me. The only thing I haven't tried yet is reinstalling dungeons, but I feel that may not work either.

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