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"Unable to verify game ownership" message appears in the middle of gameplay



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      This issue occurs when multiple copies of the game are being played at the same time under the same IP address, which is usually the case when multiple people attempt to play together in the same household.

      Until a proper fix for the issue is introduced, please consider the following workaround:

      1. Sign into the Minecraft Dungeons with an account that owns the game.
      2. After signing in, log out of that account in game (Game settings > Log Out, confirm)
      3. Once an in-game window shows up asking you to log in, fully quit the game (Alt+F4).
      4. Launch the game again and login to the account you want to play on.

      An alternative workaround is using a VPN to artificially create a different IP address for each player. Please also read the comments below for other possible solutions.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. start the louncher
      2. select Minecraft Dungeons
      3. click 'Graj' (Play)
      4. click Graj online (Play online)
      5. click 'Rozpocznij grę online' 

      Expected result:

      The game starts and I can play online 

      Actual result:

      The game starts but displays a message every now and then 'Nie można zweryfikować stanu gry....' (The game status cannot be verified. We are sorry but we cannot verify now if you own the game Minecraft Dungeons. Be sure that you have internet connection and try again.) 

      Print screen of the message attached.

      I verified internet connection, restarted router and the connection is fine. I can play online with my friend but message dislays again and again that results problems with character control after the message.

      The problem starts after upgrade to It was not before the upgrade.


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