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Stuck on a blank (usually white) window after "Press Any Key"


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      To help us narrow down the source of the issue, please include the following information in your comment:
      • Which platform do you experience this on?
      • If you play on PC, then which version of Windows do you have installed - 7, 8, 10 or 11?
      • If you play on PC, then which version of the game do you own - the Minecraft launcher version, the Microsoft Store version, the Steam version, or some other version?
      • If you have the Minecraft launcher version, then are you using the old launcher (for Windows 7 and 8) or the new launcher?
      • If you have the Microsoft Store version, then are you logged into the game with the same account as the Store?
      • Are you playing the game through the Xbox Game Pass? If yes, are you using family sharing?
      • Are you playing alone, or are there others who play the game on the same device? If yes, do you use the same account or separate ones?

      The blank white window is usually caused by connection issues when the game attempts to connect to servers. Whenever this issue arises, please ensure that you have a stable Internet connection and then see if restarting the game will resolve the problem.

      Also, please make sure to go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft and delete the following files:

      • launcher_msa_credentials.bin
      • launcher_msa_credentials.json
      • launcher_msa_credentials.bin.dungeons

      Other suggested solutions:

      A ) Setting the game's EXE file to "Run as Administrator".

      B ) Logging out and then back in to the game's launcher, as opposed to the game itself.

      C ) Reinstalling the game in a different folder.

      After latest update and purchasing latest DLC, it goes through open screen.  Press any button to start.  Press button on controller, and window opens asking me to sign in to Xbox Live account.  Do so.  Says welcome back CorManBarbarian.  Button "Let's Play!".  Click on button, window turns white then sits there for an eternity as music plays.  Never gets into game.  Rebooted and checked for updates... none.  Never had any problems prior to this update, and played the update the day before and while it crashed once, I was able to get back in.  But today, it's toast.

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