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Progress not saving at all due to an error and/or antivirus interference


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      Potential workaround for the issue:

      • In the Main Menu, go to Hero selection and use "Upload Hero" to add all characters to Cloud Saves.
      • Delete the old characters.
      • Use "Download Hero" (shown when the "Create New Hero" is selected) to download the uploaded characters.

      This should result in the issue no longer popping up when playing.

      i just woke up today and downloaded the latest minecraft dungeons update the nether dlc

      Ive spent 3 hours playing through all the nether dlc levels

      i closed my client and when i reopened it all the progress that i did from the nether dlc levels were reverted back to what it was before the update

      each time i relaunch the client it makes me choose a language as if i just installed the game

      and when i look at the %HOMEPATH%Saved Games\Mojang Studios*Dungeons*

      in my character save files one file turns to a .dat.tmp file instead of a .dat file

      UPDATE: 1

      I figured out how to fix it for me and why the game is making a .dat.tmp file

      norton antivirus is blocking the game from putting the progression .tmp file into your characters file
      by excluding the minecraft dungeons file that its blocking

      once the file is excluded from nortons antivirus check the file should automaticly go into your characters file ie ur progress will save


      UPDATE: 2 i recently had this problem again however not to do with norton antivirus or avg blocking files from compiling together

      this time i was logged in by when clicked any key to continue main screen would be blank loading screen  and just loading forever i had my computer on for 48 hours to see if anything would happen suddently but nothing


      Fix to the problem this time

      close dungeons->open launcher->settings-accounts->click triple dots to remove dungeons account all together->reboot computer->open launcher->sign in with microsoft account->open dungeons


      anyways this should help anyone else having this problem

      all of these problems only started happening after the nether DLC





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