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Flaming Quiver reduces bow damage significantly


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      When the Flaming Quiver is used, bow damage is reduced significantly and burning damage is far lower than it should be. This can be tested on the dummies at camp. For example my bow does about 1400 damage per arrow, but with flaming quiver activated, only does 1000 damage. My Flaming Quiver supposedly does 175 damage but when activated on my bow, only does 22 per tick (110 altogether).

      Additionally, it is somewhat inconsistent in that if I activate the quiver on a much stronger bow, then switch to a less powerful bow while still having flaming arrows available, the bow will do more damage than it's supposed to at first, as will the burning damage, but once I go into my inventory and back again, it will revert to the nerfed damage. 

      I do not have anything equipped that affects ranged damage. 

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