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Some users receive "Unable to verify game ownership" error message when trying to start the game


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      To help us narrow down the source of the issue, please include the following information in your comment:
      • When did you first see this issue?
      • Which version of Windows do you have installed - 7, 8, 10 or 11?
      • Which version of the game do you own - the Minecraft launcher version, the Microsoft Store version, the Steam version, or some other version?
      • If you have the Minecraft launcher version, then are you using the old launcher (for Windows 7 and 8) or the new launcher?
      • If you have the Microsoft Store version, then are you logged into the game with the same account as the Store?
      • Are you playing the game through the Xbox Game Pass? If yes, are you using family sharing?
      • If you are on PS4, then is your Microsoft account linked to the game?
      Moderator Note

      Please note that currently, an internet connection is required to start the game.

      The moderator team is also aware of an issue regarding family play users receiving this issue.

      If neither point applies to you, please ensure that, if you are using a Gamepass subscription that the subscription is up-to-date and that you are using the correct Microsoft Account on your device, please also ensure the correct account is used if you are not playing the game via Gamepass.

      Please, as always, keep the comments productive - only leave a comment if you think you have information that could help to solve the issue.

      I'm starting the game via Gamepass and as soon as the titlescreen comes, I must press a button and then a window pops up and tells me the game can't verify if I do own the game on my Xbox account or not, and that I must connect to internet, which I am.

      I linked a screencapture that's written in french, because my account's on a french computer.

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