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[Display bug] Bad gear/artifact power range displayed on missions UI



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Beta Update April 3
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      (in Build 4142545 - since we can't select it) 

      There's a display bug where the ilvl ranges of the loot you get in missions is wrong. It seems to only be calculated once when you switch area or something and not everytime you open the map if you changed your equipped stuff, etc.

      I first discovered it by equiping max ilvl i could in each slot, enter a mission, leave, and saw the ilvl range going way up. I did a mission after switchingb ack my quipped stuff to what i had originally, the range displayed didn't change, but once in the mission i got loot outside the range displayed initially. That's what allowed me to conclude it was just a display bug and not a major oversight thankfully.

      You can find attached a simple test i did which was the following (reproducible) steps: 

      1. At the end of a mission (can also work anywhere in a mission) equip the max ilvl items you have and exit the mission either by the real end with a victory or "exit to camp" menu.
      2. See the range displayed on a mission in the map.
      3. Re-equip all your previous stuff.
      4. Enter the mission where you checked range in step 2 and "exit to camp".
      5. See the range displayed on a mission in the map being different than in step 2.

      Hope it helps, gl for release. 

      Edit : Just found a quick way to see the display issue by simply switching equipped stuff in the camp, going back to main menu and reentering the camp.




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