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Villager's Trade Inventory Keeps Changing



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PS4 1.93
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      PlayStation 4


      There seems to be some issue with my villagers in which the villagers that I've cured and put into suitable housing and assigned to the librarian role keep changing inventories. Their houses are currently blocked with fences and gate so mobs cant affect them and the villagers themselves can't run off and get lost or stuck in an animal pen. They all three have their own separate beds and lecterns and all things available for a suitable home and theyve all been assigned their bed. After a few real time days they began not only randomizing which beds are who's regardless of who is already in which housing, but also completely randomizing inventory. Which is a real pain when a level 2 librarian is selling a book of mending and then at another time, sometimes only a few minutes later, theyre selling bookcases and lanterns instead. I have done nothing to disrupt the villager's work stations, beds, and i haven't even so much as put any other workstation or bed down at any point and especially within their range. As far as I can tell, this isnt supposed to happen. And i havent been able to find anyone else having this problem. I'm under the impression from the villager wiki that when you trade with a villager, its profession, and presumably, its inventory, is locked. Id also like to note that there are no other kinds of villagers. Just 3 librarians. It also occurs when ive completely left the chunk containing the villagers, and when I havent gone more than 20 blocks away. It seems entirely random and is really diminishing the usefulness of the new villager update. Id also like to say that my current version of minecraft is version 1.94 which doesnt seem to be an choice. I also created this world in version 1.94. The last thing I'll say is that this is an offline world, in which Im playing solo. Theres no chance that another player could be messing with the ai or performing some glitch to change their inventories. 




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