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Bugs for Villagers that ive seen



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      Ever since the update I've been working on a custom village from scratch for villagers and the villagers are not acting smart when it comes to them going into there houses most of them do but 30% of the 70% are outside awaiting to be eaten by a starving zombie and honestly it's kinda irritating because you have to babysit the villagers by breaking a way for them to get in and in some case they walk away from the houses. And another case is that the villagers are taking refuge under trees believing that the tall sterdy tree are existing for the survival. I hope this is a big waiting to be fix as every minecraft day at least 1-2 villagers are becoming eaten and turned to zombie villagers by the end of the horrific night. As well as iron golems are not a token for them being a civilian in my village instead the iron golems adventure throught out the out skirts of them village doing their job killing invaders but not intruders that approach the village in harms ways. Instead I have to manually go and my mission is to kill zombie, skeletons or any other intruder as it has taken a toll on my progress of expanding the village for the villagers survival.


      If anyone else are dealing with any of these problems comment down below as for the update I hope the issues are to be patch. For the meantime I have to be caution for the direction of my medieval villages success to become a dominate kingdom.




      Iron golems don't spawn, villagers don't go into their houses, villagers get stuck, Decrease lag and crashes, look into their job site issues.




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