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Pillager Outposts Generated in 1.92 Do Not Allow Pillagers to Respawn



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PS4 1.92
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      PlayStation 4


      A pillager outpost that has been generated in the recent 1.92 bug fix does not allow pillagers to respawn within the bounding box of the outpost. I have tested this in two different worlds, one a superflat world that has been generated in 1.92 and the other a normal world generated in 1.91. In the 1.91 world, I killed all of the pillagers within the area and then traveled far enough away to allow more to spawn. I reentered the bounding box and found that more pillagers had spawned, as I expected. In the 1.92 world, I killed the pillagers and left again, but when i returned I found that the pillagers had not respawned; instead a number of other hostile mobs had spawned within the area due to the fact that the test was performed at night. The flat world had been generated to be completely spawn-proof, save for the pillager outpost, as the floor was comprised of glass. The seed of the normally generated 1.91 world is as follows:


      The coordinates of the pillager outposts (the seed generated two within view of each other) in the 1.91 world are: (9, 233) and (-7, 297)

      The image included illustrates the spawn-proof conditions in which the 1.92 world was generated; the only available spawning spaces lie within the outpost. No pillagers can be seen in the image because none respawned after they had been killed.


      I realize that one of the major causes of game lag in 1.91 was large amounts of pillagers spawning in outposts, and I think there is a good chance that this bug is a result of a hasty attempt to fix the issue of excessive pillager spawning.




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