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      PlayStation 4


      I installed on PS4 from DVD about 6 weeks ago and generated a survival world (I only play survival) A few weeks later, the aquatic update arrived. After weeks of searching, I have now found 4 treasure maps, 3 from ships and 1 from ruins. In each case, I have dug out a HUGE crater (at least 20 wide and 40 deep) around the cross, going far down past sand into the rock (granite), and found nothing.  I have built stone walls around an entire island, and excavated the entire island, and no treasure chest.  I am bitterly disappointed that no treasure chests exist in the game.  I have wasted considerable time on it too.  This bug also means its impossible to get the heart of the sea.  Note, this is a private world.

      The same bug seems to have been reported on the java edition here: 


      I can give you my seed, but I don't know how to get the coordinates of the ships and chest. They are a half a day walk form the spawn location.  I suspect if you generate the world from scratch, it will work. I suspect its because I updated from a previous version it did not create the chests.  Chests do exist in the Ruins and on the ships. Just not the ones on the maps.

      I have no idea how to get the version number from the PS4, it doesn't seem to be in any of the menus (settings, credits etc). so 1.89 is probably not correct.

      Is there any solution?  I obviously dont want to abandon this world and spawn a new one as I have invested nearly 2 months in building it up.



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