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Corrupting of Save Data ever since 1.76



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Invalid
    • Affects Version/s: Update Aquatic - TU69 // Patch 1.76 // Patch 38, Hotfix - PS3/PS4 Patch 1.77, Bug Fix - TU70 // Patch 1.77/1,78 // WiiU Patch 39, Bug Fix - TU72 // Sony Patch 1.81 // WiiU Patch 41, Bug Fix - TU73 // PS4 1.83 // PS3+Vita 1.82 // WiiU Patch 42
    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Environment:

      PS3 1.81

    • Affected Platforms:
      PlayStation 3


      I have been playing Minecraft in a 3 player split screen for 3 years now. Ever since I updated it to Update Aquatic, the game keeps giving me various errors. It includes Corruption of save files out of the blue, Hanging halfway through and even several glitches in-game.


      Hanging and Glitches are obvious things and any game might have these, but Update Aquatic simply increased the rates of these by manifold. I thought maybe PS3s are not capable of running this while supporting 3 players simultaneously and thus I deleted cache and reverted it back to my purchase version which is somewhere in 1.3 or 1.4. I thoguht maybe I could update to the last update before Update Aquatic but that was not possible.


      Hanging during the save progress is not new to Minecraft. But earlier, If it hangs, the save stays safe and only the unsaved progress gets deleted. But now, maybe the architecture is rather revised, the whole save goes.


      [Edit] Now even if I properly close Minecraft, the saves gets corrupt and the frequency of that happening is about 5 in 6 sessions.


      I've lost almost 7 saves in the span of 1 week.


      I searched up earlier bug reports and found that this problem had been existing ever since 1.47 but also saw that this was rather resolved earlier. But now the problem has returned. PS3 got an optimization system update and thus I thought Minecraft will now run better, but I see no difference.


      There's probably some kind of hole in the data transfer from unsaved data location to the save data location.


      I haven't tried 1.82 yet, but I have 1.81 and the problem still persists. I didn't update to 1.82 because the problem is mostly going to get worse.


      Please help 4J and Mojang.


       [Edit] I've earlier mentioned that this problem happens only when save corrupts during save. But no, I carefully closed Minecraft so that Save won't get corrupted and my save got corrupted.


      Regular closing of Minecraft often leads to Corruption of data.







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