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When a water stream encounters a magma block, a bubble stream source block is created.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PS4 1.85
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      PlayStation 4


      First, I was constructing ilmango's dispenserless mob farm. When creating the mob farm, I encountered a bug in which the water stream would turn into a source block upon arriving onto a magma block. What was supposed to happen instead was that the water stream should have flushed without turning into a bubble column source blocks. With this, I cannot possibly collect mob drops from the slain hostile mobs.

      With the recent version of ilmango's hostile mob farm, compared to the console edition, should the two devices water mechanics w/ magma blocks be any different? I'm unsure about this issue and it's bugging me.

      To repeat this glitch, access this link below.


      -Make sure you are in the most recent version of Minecraft Ps4

      -Place water onto the glass block in the center of the farm.

      At around 9:40 in his video, when he places water on top of the glass block, you should notice that the water flushes effectively and the job is completed. If there was skeleton bones there at the location, they would be pushed to the hopper at the bottom of his farm. Unfortunately for me and other Ps4 console users, we can't replicate ilmango's as the water stream turns into source blocks. 




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