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The map does not work as it should (unless "View Hand" is turned on)



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    • TU31/CU19/1.22
    • TU33/CU21/1.24/Patch 3
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    • Xbox 360


      MCCE Bug Report in Version TU31 for XBOX360 edition
      Summary: The map does not work as it should (for me).
      What I expected to happen was... that when I scrolled to the map in my toolbar that the map would be in my hands and display the world I was in.
      What actually happened was...there was a map in my toolbar but it was not displayed in the first person view (or any view) when I scrolled the selector over it.
      This is what I was doing when I first encountered the “bug”...I created and loaded a new world after the TU31 update. I explored it in creative mode. When I placed the map from my inventory into the active box in my toolbar the map appeared to the side for a moment and then disappeared from all view. I tried several ways of moving it to and from inventory and scrolling back and forth over it but it would not display in my players hands. I saved and exited then reloaded the same world and the map still did not appear for me. I loaded a pre- existing survival world and the map would not display there either...and each time I selected it to move it around my inventory or in and out of a chest it was labeled “Map #0”
      Steps to reproduce...
      1. Open any world after the TU31 update.
      2. Look at a map.
      3. Disappointment.
      Edit: Turned on "Display Hand" in user interface and can now see maps displayed. I don't remember having to have this turned on to see maps in past versions...


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