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Fish are dying / disappearing / flopping out a reasonably enclosed Aquarium



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    • Affects Version/s: Update Aquatic - TU69 // Patch 1.76 // Patch 38
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      Xbox 360


      Xbox 360 running TU70 on a world which has been around since 2014 ( I left some part of the map un-explorered and luckily there is coral growing there now):

      I built an aquarium in survival. The roof is almost completely enclosed and the inside of the aquarium is made entirely of water source blocks (with some sea grass and coral fans growing inside). The tank is three blocks wide by two blocks high by two blocks deep. The front, back and side are made from glass blocks. The floor is made of sand and the roof is closed using stone blocks. There is a one block gap in the roof to allow maintenance access to tank. Hole in the top of the tank is an air gap with the water level one block below (ie the water level is not flush with the top of the hole, but its flush  with the top of the block below it).

      I named a salmon fish "Fishy" and put him in my tank. He was all fine until I went very far from my base to an AFK Skeleton farm. 

      The distance between the skelly farm and base causes the base chunks to unload (I can confrim this with a map if you like basically almost 25% of a xbox 360 map is loaded at any given time). This is fine not a problem.

      When I return from the AFK session there is a dead fish in front of my tank. It looks like the fish clipped through the front of the glass, died on the floor and turned into an item drop (dead fish). It does not seem to happen when as I leave the area as I was AFK for 2 hours and dropped items de-spawn after 5 mins.

      The only thing special about my base is there are a large number of entities (chests, item frames and farm animals) loaded in those chunks. (Along with lots of redstone and an item sorter). The redstone does not run until activated (ie its not running all the time).


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