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When I save it doesn't always save/the autosave feature does not work



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    • TU33/CU21/1.24/Patch 3
    • TU31/CU19/1.22
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      My save feature does not always save everything. Most of the time it reverts back to a save that was about ten minutes before I had saved it. Furthermore the autosave feature does not work at all. This was my issue last time which I reported and it has been labelled as resolved, which it clearly isn't.

      Moreover, all mobs that I spawn in game are not present in the game when I have loaded up the save. I have tried countless different methods to try and keep them in and everything fails. Similarly, entities such as pictures, item frames and maps do not spawn after the game has been saved. The thing that is really weird is that EVERYTHING else is more or less built when we save it, just these mobs and entities choose not to appear.

      Finally, the setting of my/players' spawn points DO NOT work. We keep spawning in a save (which randomly managed to work) about 2 months ago, therefore we are NEVER in the same place as where we had left off.

      This is a huge map that has been going for around 2 years now with multiple people seriously involved in the dedication of its processes and it drastically needs fixing. It is a mega world with so much stuff in it, but I cannot use some of the stuff in game which is driving me to insanity.

      Please, please, PLEASE get this issue sorted for me. I do not want this map to become a broken work that will cease to be fixed.

      Thanks for your time in reading this and hope you get back to me ASAP.




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