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Single users saves being deleted while others aren't.



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    • TU30/CU18/1.21
    • TU33/CU21/1.24/Patch 3
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    • PlayStation 4


      This has now happened 3 to 4 times on my ps4 in the course of one day. What happens is that my brother is in the Nether being killed by mobs and he says "Hurry and exit and save the game so you can switch it to peaceful." (This is not an online multiplayer game, me and my brother play with the split-screen on the same console). So I exit and save, and it goes through it's regular saving process with the green loading bar. After it finishes saving, I go back to our world in peaceful. It loads up regularly without any warning signs or anything and my stuff, location, hearts, XP level etc. are all reset back to my last save. This wouldn't be a huge deal except for the fact that if I take out diamonds from a chest, for example, and then I exit, when I load it back my diamonds are gone from both my inventory AND my chest. They just disappear. It get's very annoying, as you might figure. The especially weird thing is that my brothers are completely unaffected with all their stuff, location, etc. since the last save. The only thing that erases is my location and inventory since the save before. Help would be very appreciated. Thanks!




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