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Ender Dragon Health Bar appears in the Overworld



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - TU66/CU56/1.73/Switch Patch 16/WiiU Patch 35
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      PlayStation 4


      I have a Creative Superflat world with a Redstone castle, including an End Portal I made. I went through it, and slayed the Ender Dragon to get the End Gateway to spawn. Then I respawned the Dragon and used another End Portal built there to get back to the Overworld. The Bossbar and fog came with me.

      Steps to reproduce(I know the above said this, but I am just following the rules.)

      • Make a World in Creative Mode.(Superflat or otherwise.)
      • Open the inventory and get a Dragon head
      • Put the Dragon head on
      • Construct an End Portal, and go through it.
      • Slay the Ender Dragon and respawn it.
      • Unless you already have, construct another End Portal in the End and go through it as well.
      • You should see the Ender Dragon's Bossbar and fog in the Overworld.

      This has happened before, while I was wearing the Ender Dragon head, but this time I had Enchanted Diamond Armor on, so that may also cause it. I tested without Armor and the glitch didn't occur. Tested again in Survival mode, same results. Finally tested with Armor and same results again. It might be a one-time bug. I can confirm that, as I duplicated the situation, albeit without respawning the Ender Dragon, and I got no Overworld fog.
      I lastly tested wearing the Ender Dragon head, and the bug did occur.

      My hypothesis:
      It seems that the game confused the Head for that of the real Ender Dragon, and so with the Dragon alive in the End, it thought the Dragon went through a Portal and appeared in the Overworld. Evidence of a bit of lazy modelling, using the Ender Dragon(mob)'s head as the Mob head(decoration) and not removing the original script, thus mistaking me wearing the Ender Dragon head for the real Ender Dragon.
      I forgot to mention the game may have also confused the Diamond Helmet for a Mob head, specifically the Ender Dragon head. That may have caused the glitch the first time.




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