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Stuck in water and looks like im in a boat cause i was in one but it disappeared



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - TU63/CU53/1.67/Switch Patch 13/WiiU Patch 32
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      PlayStation Vita


      well, i explored a ton of chunks to get a fully explored map. when i was sailing out to generate some of the ocean chunks, something strange happened. The water in front of me disappeared and turned invisible but i could still sail through it. i could see the water i explored flowing behind me. so i went back, but then something horrible happened. i got stuck in the water, and kept going above and below it. i could eat a golden apple, and use my sword. i went in my world in creative and found that i can escape by throwing an ender pearl. BUT IN MY SURVIVAL WORLD I AM STUCK AND CANNOT GET OUT AS I DONT HAVE AN ENDER PEARL PLEASE SAVE ME. the pictures are evidence, and though it may look like i can get out, i certainly cant without an ender pearl DUNNO IF THIS HAPPENS ON OTHER CONSOLES also when i was in the boat i could crouch in it for some reason. i ejected from the boat i think but it looks like i am in one i dont think the patch released today fixed it


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