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Constant Freezing / Crashing After Placing Beds



    • PlayStation 3


      Hello. I have recently been experiencing a lot of instability with Minecraft on the PS3, where the game locks up and the console becomes completely unresponsive. After wrestling with this for a while, the problem seems to be related to beds.

      Beyond general instability (which seemed at first to be random / not related to specific actions or chunks), I had sections of two separate worlds which would cause the game to crash completely as they loaded. Rather than the system locking up, in these cases the screen would go black and eventually return to the PS3 menu screens. I tried approaching these areas from different angles, with different settings, more slowly, etc., but they would consistently cause a crash.

      I can't say for sure that the issues mentioned above were related to beds, but after I began to suspect a connection to beds I started to experiment with them and found I can pretty much cause the game to crash or freeze on command by placing beds. Sometimes the screen locks up, sometimes it goes black. Sometimes it's instantaneous and sometimes it takes up to ten seconds. Sometimes it seems that breaking the bed causes the issue rather than placing it, but other times it happens without breaking the bed.

      Also, sometimes nothing happens at all and the bed works perfectly well. It's not that every time I place a bed the game crashes, but that every time I place a bed and the game crashes I can replicate the crash by placing beds anywhere in that vicinity.

      Hopefully I've explained that pretty well and it all makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to read it, and for any possible solution.




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