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Animals have severe spawn / breeding / farm issues



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    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - TU63/CU53/1.67/Switch Patch 13/WiiU Patch 32
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      Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch


      So this issue has been around for years, YEARS. I'm surprised this is still something that has to be talked about.

      Animals have massive issues in Legacy Console Edition.

      I've come back to my animal pens with massive amounts of them missing. Then, if I try to breed the ones that are remaining, it tells me that the breeding limit has been reached, even though this has to be impossible because there are only a grand total of maybe 4-5 animals in the entire pens.

      But then, a few moments later, I'll return to the area where my pens are to see a ton of pigs and cows that just so happen to spawn right beside it, in the empty field?
      If breeding limits have been reached, why are my animals disappearing in their pens to respawn outside of the pens as different animals?

      I have been trying to breed and dye sheep for a big survival project I've been working on. This task has proven to be one of futile proportions, because after accumulating about 8 sheep, literally half of them have somehow disappeared completely, allowing for more animals to spawn outside and ruin my ability to breed more sheep, because again, the breeding limit has been reached somehow. This means that I have to hope maybe a sheep will spawn outside my pen, dye it really quickly (waste some lapis), then shoo it into my pen, HOPING that it won't despawn long enough for me to get the resources I need.

      But it still happens.

      My pens are enclosed with blocks because I have found out that the animals have been able to clip outside of wooden fences. Is this actually what is causing my sheep do disappear? Are they clipping still outside of their pens, but as the walls are blocks instead of fences, they are dying?

      This is absolutely not okay and is hindering my gameplay experience to the point of wanting to retire, because I am losing the ability to actively do the one thing Minecraft is about: building. No wool, no building what I wanted to build.

      I know for a fact that this has been an issue for years. YEARS. Why has this still not been fixed?

      Am I really going to have to wait for months for the Bedrock version to release for the Switch in HOPES that MAYBE this problem will not exist in the different coding?

      Enclosed is a simple video showing that my pens are emptied.


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