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minecraft ps3 console freezing



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      PlayStation 3


      I have a save on the ps3 that has a lot of hours put in so I hope this is fixable, When I enter the map it loads and enters fine. I can move around the immediate area with no problem. However, when I go close enough to one area in the map the screen freezes. Nothing than a still screen. Once the music track stops no more music plays and to exit I have to turn off the playstation. The area that freezes a big building that loads fine from a distance but when I get too close it dies. I keep reloading it and going around the area until I hit the dead zone and crash again. It's not a problem I have ever had before.
      It may be the most recent update because I haven't played in a while. Started on a different map and got bored so I went across, started fine then crashed. It's using the mass effect skin if that makes any different. I think the gamefile is 11MB or along those lines.

      Any help would be masively appreciated. Hopefully it's just the new update and the next one will fix it.




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