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Crash to ps3 home screen



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    • Past Release - TU62/CU52/1.66/Switch Patch 12/WiiU Patch 31
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      NOTE: I don't know how to find my current versions details. I have assume the latest option with ps3 written into it above.

      I have searched for my crash issue which I don't understand it happening now after so many resolves. It just started in my second world becuase my first world started doing it a long time ago and no fix came through despite all the reports.

      My issue of crash; world one does it at a certain point/spot in the map. It's a creative world. I can get to the single block before the next block is the crash. Very specific from all sides. I have read that a past update has broken work done and the console isn't fast enough to play that world.

      So I created a second world. It literally started the same crash to the ps3 home screen just this week. I think after an update. This is a survival offline world. The crash occurs when I'm stuck fight my way through a newly found mineshaft.

      I have performed all system reset recommendations, short of a complete wipe and download of everything. I have phoned and emailed the three businesses involved with Minecraft to be told that there's no more to be done and each accuse the others for responsibility for a fix.

      Sorry to place a report. I literally could not find this issue reported for 2018, this latest update.

      As for creating another new world, I have and these also have issues in play. But no crash. I don't see a point to having to keep creating new worlds, hence what's the point to Minecraft on ps3?


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