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Villager ignoring village



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - TU62/CU52/1.66/Switch Patch 12/WiiU Patch 31
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      PlayStation 4


      I am playing an amplified world, in easy survival. It was pretty hard to find villages at all. The one I found has some of the typical effects that people post on youtube: areas below houses and fields filled with gravel/dirt because the terrain is not even; a field that was impossible to reach, etc... and 4 or 5 inhabitants.

      Then all but 1 were somehow gone. (OK, the zombies probably.)
      I found him trapped on a place outside of the village where he couldn't get back because there was a 2-block step in the way. I cleared the way but he didnt react whatsoever. He had forgotten where his village was, although it was maybe 20 steps away horizontally and 10 vertically. Came the night, came the monsters, and he ran the other way. I didnt manage to bring him back. Poor villager, had he had a working path finding algorithm he could have stayed alive. Possibly part of the issue is in the steep terrain but it was really not extreme... he just didn't even try to get home.




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