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Loading a save spawns player in wrong location with previous state of inventory with changes in terrain saved



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Invalid
    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - TU60/CU50/1.64/Switch Patch 11/WiiU Patch 30
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Environment:

      The issue that I am having has occurred on the Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft, with the latest update of Patch 11 for the game.

    • Affected Platforms:
      Nintendo Switch


      I am having an issue with my Survival world with that when I had saved and exited my world and when I entered back in, instead of taking me to where I left off in the world (shown in the picture of the menu), it takes me back to a previous point where I was with a previous state of my inventory and in my base (shown in the picture with chests below and the world as a whole is saved, except for a chestful of Nether Quartz that also had clay in it before the Nether Quartz was placed within the chest being replaced with an essential duplicate of the previous state of the chest and a Ender Pearl not being in its correct place). Before this occurred, I was playing with a friend of mine in the world online and he was mostly AFK. During this, I was hunting for clay (because I ran out before, leading to me putting Nether Quartz in the chest formerly containing loads of clay) and that is when I had the inventory shown below (but for some reason some spaces are empty and supposed to be filled with clay stacks). A half an hour (I think) passed and Minecraft lost connection with Nintendo Switch Online, which was when I started gathering birch wood to build the floor shown in the screenshot containing the menu. And soon after, I decided to exit and save in order to bring back the connection to the Internet (but I did it very, very quickly, so maybe accidentally inputting both exit without saving and exit and save is possible, leading to this issue). After I found the problem, I immediately checked to see if my copy of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition had any corrupt data (but it didn't). After I searched for no corrupt data, I went to test to see if it would happen again by going to a different location from my base. After I exited and saved within the new area and coming back in, I was at the different location. So, I went the Nether to replace the lost Nether Quartz. After my expedition and coming back to my base, I re-downloaded Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (by semi-accident, but nothing was lost), thinking that it will never happen again, it happened again with instead taking me back to my base, it lead me back to the Nether with a previous state of my inventory (again), but the world was somehow saved again. However, I did circumvent this issue by saving very frequently, but I am still curious. First off, will this issue prevent me from converting this world after the Better Together Update will be released on the Nintendo Switch? After this issue is fixed, will the world be able to be converted into the Bedrock Edition on the Nintendo Switch when it is released? How is this issue occurring? Will this issue be fixed before the next update will be released? Will this issue will be fixed before the Better Together Update will be released for the Nintendo Switch? Many thanks, AlexandNintendo.
      Update: As of Patch 12 of the Nintendo Switch Edition, this bug is still prevalent within this update, and I can conclude that it occurs if you control the game too fast, to put that way. Basically, when I navigate throughout the menu to save, the bug will trigger to varying results. For example, when I navigated to save in 2 seconds and then quit from the world, once you select the world again, the bug will trigger, messing with your inventory or anything else (like the case of a chest here mentioned before and a recent incident in which I had more fireworks than I had before).


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