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Super Mario Mash Up World's TNT Player Launchers/Cannons and Slime Block Piston Player Launcher Are Broken



    • Wii U


      I couldn't get images or video of this but whenever you go inside the cannon that launches you on to the platform containing a chest with a diamond chestplate inside in the Super Mario Mash Up World, it doesn't have enough power to launch you on to that floating platform. Whenever I try to get it to work, it would blow in on itself destroying the terrain around it. This is also a problem with the cannon that is supposed to launch you on to a "cloud" parkour area that leads you to Bowsers's airship. That cannon also doesn't have enough power to launch you on to get you on to that "cloud". Also, at the snowy area to the north of the world, near the tower where slimes would spawn when you go inside lies a pipe that you can go in and the only exit is a slime block stuck on a sticky piston that was intended to launch you out of the pipe after going stepping on a nearby pressure plate but that too isn't powerful enough to launch you out of the pipe. I assume this is also a problem for the Switch since they both have the Super Mario Mash Up Pack.


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