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Signing out on the Create/Load/Join screen makes logo disappear



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: PastRelease - (TU57/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.56/PS3 1.59/WiiU Patch 27/Switch Patch 7, Past Release - (TU58/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.57/PS3 1.60/WiiU Patch 28/Switch Patch 9, Past Release - (TU59/CU50/PS4 1.62/PS3 1.61/WiiU Patch 29/Switch Patch 10, Past Release - TU60/CU50/1.64/Switch Patch 11/WiiU Patch 30, Past Release - TU61/CU51/1.65/Switch Patch 11/WiiU Patch 30, Past Release - TU62/CU52/1.66/Switch Patch 12/WiiU Patch 31, Past Release - TU63/CU53/1.67/Switch Patch 13/WiiU Patch 32 , Past Release - TU64/CU54/1.68/Switch Patch 14/WiiU Patch 33
    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Environment:

      Dashboard 2.0.17511.0

    • Affected Platforms:
      Xbox 360


      If you sign out while on the Create/Load/Join screen, the Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition logo will be missing from the menu until after you dismiss the popup. What I mean is when you select Play Game on the menu to bring up the Create/Load/Join screen, the logo is intended to disappear, the issue is that if you sign out while you are on that screen, the logo does not reappear

      How to reproduce:
      1. Sign in to any account
      2. Start up Minecraft
      3. Press A on "This game has an autosave"
      4. Select Play Game on the menu
      5. If a "Profile not online" message appears, continue offline
      6. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, then press X to sign out
      7. Select "Yes" when you see the "Are you sure" popup
      8. Close the Xbox Guide by pressing B or the Xbox button
      The logo is missing, but the Default Text splash (MCCE-5018) is there

      This issue doesn't really bother me as I just don't find it a big issue with the game, but I still decided to explain it in case it bothers some people.




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