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When editing signs, clicking the backspace key on a plugged in keyboard will create a strange character/symbol



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    • Affects Version/s: PastRelease - (TU57/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.56/PS3 1.59/WiiU Patch 27/Switch Patch 7
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      Xbox One


      This is for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, it is not for Minecraft (Better Together/Bedrock).

      When I plug in a keyboard and type directly onto a sign, if I hit the backspace key on a keyboard, it creates a strange symbol that looks like a tall rectangle instead of deleting what I wrote.

      When I say type "directly" on a sign, I mean that I type on it without clicking "A" first to bring up the Xbox One Keyboard Interface – the one that is black. So, what I mean is if I were to place a sign down and then click "A" on the first line of the sign, the Xbox One On-screen Keyboard comes up. From there, I can either type with the controller joystick OR with a plugged in keyboard, and then I can click backspace without a problem – it will delete the characters as normal. However, if I were to type directly on the sign, (place the sign and immediately start typing without clicking "A") I cannot backspace what I wrote, it just creates a strange character instead of backspacing anything.

      All in all, to erase the strange characters after I have hit backspace on a sign, I usually end up clicking "A" to bring up the Xbox One Keyboard Interface and then hit backspace from there (using a plugged-in keyboard).

      On an anvil, I can type directly into the rename item space and it works fine, I can click backspace without any strange symbols appearing. Same with a book and quill. It is only with SIGNS that this happens. In other words, on an anvil or on a book and quill, I can type directly OR I can use the Xbox One onscreen keyboard and it works fine. Only on a SIGN does this mess up.

      On a side note, on the Xbox 360 version, I couldn't hit the space key when renaming items on an anvil – I would have to click "A" to bring up the Xbox 360 keyboard interface and then type from there using the space key and it would work.

      So if this bug is fixed with the signs, please also make sure that the anvil one does not re-appear. Even if it was on Xbox 360 ed. it might also affect Xbox One ed. since its a keyboard glitch. Perhaps if the sign one gets fixed, the Anvil one will start showing up on Xbox One as well. Just a heads up.


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